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The Shameless YouTube Self-promo Topic

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The Shameless YouTube Self-promo Topic Empty The Shameless YouTube Self-promo Topic

Post by Amelia Jane on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:36 am

Have a YouTube channel? Link it here and describe to us what it is you do on your channel. Promote your newest videos (you can embed them with the youtube button in the post editor!)

Note: don't sub4sub. People should only subscribe if they genuinely like your content or are otherwise bent on supporting you. If someone doesn't like your content, or not enough to subscribe, that's fine. Different people like different types of videos. Please also don't be petty and not sub to a channel you otherwise like, just because its creator doesn't sub to yours. That said, do check out each other's videos and don't just post your own stuff without looking at other creators. A good rule of thumb is to at the very least give a line of feedback or a nice comment to the person above you, before sharing your own channel or videos.


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