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General Forum Rules and setup(READ FIRST) Empty

General Forum Rules and setup(READ FIRST)

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General Forum Rules and setup(READ FIRST) Empty General Forum Rules and setup(READ FIRST)

Post by Amelia Jane on Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:03 pm


When you post, you are automatically set to receive notifications for every reply, and automatically set NOT to display your signature. These are unfortunate default forum settings we cannot change. Underneath the box where you type your post, there are several options. Here, you can uncheck notifications. To always include your signature, go to PROFILE --> PREFERENCES--> check YES next to "always include my signature". Note that you can also permanently uncheck notifications IF you check NO on ALL options to receive notifications on the preferences page of your profile, including notifications for private messages.

We are aware you can only select man/woman as your gender. It's currently not possible through Forumotion for us to edit this so more options are available. We find this very regrettable and have contacted Forumotion about this, but doubt they will prioritise fixing this. For this reason, we've decided to not make selecting a gender mandatory. If you identify other than man/women (like out dear Admin), you may consider leaving your gender blank.


*Please take the time to start a topic and introduce yourself in the "New phone, who dis?" forum.
*Be NICE. We foster a positive, helpful community here. Criticism is fine, if you can give it constructively and politely. If you are able to, please assist people who have questions about forum-related things.
*No bullying or harassment of any kind.
*Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated.
*You have the opportunity to report posts and private messages which do not abide by the rules of this forum. Please use it when appropriate.
*Please use the search function to ensure your topic doesn't already exist.
*Please refrain from double-posting. There's an edit button for a reason.
*Please post content in the appropriate subforums (see further below)
*Don't self-promo in other people's threads. You can do this in your personal thread, or dedicated promotion topics in Phantasy Corner.
*Every category in Phantasy Corner has a dedicated commissions thread where you can request and offer creative services. Please negotiate budget, sales, deals,.. through private message, not in the thread.)
*DO NOT EVER upload someone else's work without giving credit. This also holds when you adapt other people's work (edits, covers,...)
*Don't post pictures of other non-public individuals without their permission.



There's a picture gallery where you can post both art and personal pictures. Please look for the appropriate album. You may also start a personal gallery, so you can keep a collection of your uploads together, instead of just spread out among everyone else's. Take some time to rate and comment on other people's images.

Phantasy Corner:

*Artistic creations, feedback requests,... in the appropriate subforums
*Tips and tricks threads, creative resources,...
*Skill-related questions

Collabs and Contests

*Collab requests/ideas
*Ongoing open-to-all collaborative threads (such as RP/collective writing threads)
*ADMINS will periodically post contests
*Theme threads. Admins will regularly set a theme for limited periods of time, but members are permitted to create more specific theme threads that are a subset or variation on the running theme. (Relationship with the main theme must be clear, though.)
*Mix and Match subforum: specifically for collaborations which combine artistic disciplines of different categories.

The Lounge

*For all non-creation related topics. The different categories speak for themselves, please post in the appropriate subforum (no games in Seriously!, no topics about sexual harassment in Hollywood in Meme Central, although I can see how it might be tempting.)


*In the subcategories of Phantasy Corner, at the very top (ABOVE the sticky posts), you'll find a "blog" subsection. This is where you can post your creative work to show and receive comments and feedback. Different from "regular" topics, a topic in a "blog" section only shows the INITIAL post as a "full" post. Replies to it, are organised in a "comment section" type of way. This helps keep the focus on your work and avoids the discussion derails and goes off-topic. (Note: stuff like general "share your fanfic!", "share your yourube fanart!", "The Big Pencil Sketch Thread" type threads can obviously still go in the regular subforum since these aren't about specifically and only your work)


All questions can be directed at the lovely admin or mod of your choosing. We are all doing this on a volunteer basis and not here 24/7 though, so you may also try asking other (senior) members. This is a helpful community.

Have fun!

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