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I'm Mari, who dis? Empty

I'm Mari, who dis?

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I'm Mari, who dis? Empty I'm Mari, who dis?

Post by Mari on Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:30 pm

Hi there!

Why not continue procrastinating by writing a post about myself? As you read in the title, my name is Mari, or actually Marieke, but I'm not a big fan of that because it's hard to pronounce for most of the people who aren't from this tiny rainy country called the Netherlands (not Holland c'mon)
In 9 days I'm on this earth for 16 years exact and what I've done in that time? Well, most of the time I'm om my phone, even though I've tried to change that habit but it didn't really work. If I find some time to put my phone aside I read, I draw, I watercolor. I'm in my room most of the time, that's really my safe space. I've spent years decorating it in the right way and now it's almost completely black and white and I'm loving the aesthetic. The rare moments I go outside, I photograph. I document all that's happening, take hundreds of pictures to only post one or even none. I'm saving up money for a new lens, a zoom one to make even better sunset pictures because I love sunsets so much, but my saving process got interrupted by Dan and Phils tour announcement, I bought a ticket but it's worth it.

I also have a pet, it's a rabbit. Her name is wokkel, and even though she looks cute, don't come too near to her since she's agressive (the scar on my arm from the time she bit me proves it) I still love her tho Smile I'd like to get a gerbil but I can't as long as I still live at home so maybe later!

I'd like to thank Amelia for setting up this great concept, it'll be great.


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I'm Mari, who dis? Empty Re: I'm Mari, who dis?

Post by Amelia Jane on Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:34 pm

Hi Mari!

Happy almost birthday! :p

Would love to see some of your art on here soon. There's even a "lifestyle" album in the gallery so we can see pictures of your v aesthetic room, if you want!

I love you

My life is on the Internet.
Amelia Jane
Amelia Jane

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